Stephanie Creates Real Life Theater

Stephanie Creates is a multi-faceted production and promotions company using digital storytelling, shows, web series, attractions, entertainment and events as tools to build and restore the heart and soul of communities and cultures. Community is more than just “the hood” you live in, but spans the globe to include those with shared common attitudes, interest, and goals like corporations and organizations that serve. We’ve created digital content, events and marketing services for  agencies like Urgent, Inc., Rory Lee Makeup, Cuban American Bar Association Pro Bono, Historic Black Police Precinct & Courthouse Museum, Miami Contemporary Dance Company, Uptown Avenue 7 Community Redevelopment Agency, BDB Miami, LLC Development Company and Miami Dade College.

Plus, we offer Stephanie’s Calendar as a tool to promote our upcoming events, productions, attractions and activities, and we want to invite you to share yours too for FREE.

Our activities are visual and participatory, our marketing strategies innovative and effortless. Whether it’s an interactive life skills maze for the youth, or a television show to inspire entrepreneurship for those in challenged communities, we’ll construct and grow a successful foundation.

We develop the story to help you achieve your mission.

Prices based on project. For more information, call 305-710-2212 or email info@stephaniecreates.com.  And, for weekly updates on what’s happening around town, subscribe to receive Stephanie’s Calendar.