Ball & Chain Weddings: Locked In Love

Vegas Inspired. Miami Style. The destination for fun in the sun, is now the place to have a quick and affordable wedding after which you’re locked in love, but not in debt.  Get married in a courtroom or drive-through ceremony at a historic police precinct museum, and then choose to celebrate with us during a […]

Conversations with the CEO TV Show

Set in a small studio with a dark backdrop and furnishings, Conversations With The CEO, is an intimate conversation between H. Leigh Toney, Executive Director of the Miami Dade College Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center, and nineteen entrepreneurs from varying industries. The interview questions are based on Clifton Taulbert’s Who Owns The Ice House […]

Chill With The Violence Life Maze & Event

CHILL With The Violence Life Maze & Event was a full day of festivities designed to bring awareness to the effects of violence and ignorance. It is a life-size maze and skit for Teens ages 12-18. The purpose of it was to introduce a social behavior norm to violence and provide youth with relevant tools […]